Come and learn how to swing dance in a friendly, social environment. Meet awesome people and get fit while having the time of your life.

Lindy hop is a vintage dance that evolved along side big band swing music. A fun and lively dance, lindy hop is currently enjoying a huge revival. This is probably the most fun partnered dance out there, and gives a lot of scope for dancers to improvise and add their own creativity to the dance. The music is infectious and the swing dancing community in Auckland is thriving and probably the most friendly and inviting dance scene you’ll encounter.

  • Beginner lesson starts at 6.30pm
  • Social dancing with a band starts at 7:30, cover charge of $5 for that event

We look forward to seeing you in class so come on in and swingout with us.
Classes will follow from Thursday 26th March at the red cross.

Want to know more email Lenard
or phone on 021 496 523


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